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The team you’ve known and trusted for more than 30 years is here for you. Our entire team is ready to service your properties! From carpet and textile cleaning to data center and critical environment services, our main priority is to consistently provide the highest QUALITY of services to our clients, accomplished by a highly-trained and motivated TEAM with a proven focus on SAFETY.

Stay Prepared with the Square Care Team
With all of the craziness over this last year, maybe you missed this year’s spring cleaning. Don’t worry! Our team is here to help get you back on track. With commercial offices and businesses across the state opening at more frequent levels, it’s important to prepare for re-opening (if you haven’t yet) as well as establish a frequent maintenance schedule to support the health and safety of your employees and building occupants.

Maintaining your carpets and textiles can help your business in the following ways:

  1. It makes a GREAT first impression. Professional maintenance helps with the overall appearance of your business, making customers feel at ease.
  2. It extends the life of your carpet. The Square Care team can keep your carpets looking good for 15 to 18 years, instead of the industry standard of 7 to 9 years.
  3. It protects your investment. Frequent, scheduled maintenance helps keep your carpets, floors, and textile surfaces looking great for years to come!

Exceeding Expectations for 30+ Years
The same friendly team you’ve known for decades is here for you and your business. For more than 30 years, every member of our team has been meticulous, responsive, and accountable, delivering unmatched services and taking pride in what we do. And now, we’re here for you and your business! For more information about our services, contact us today. Your business deserves excellent services from our highly-trained staff!

How to Choose the Best Carpet and Textile Cleaning Partner

Carpet and Textile CleaningCommercial carpet and textile cleaning are a big investment for your property. Many people, though, wait to invest in their carpeting and other textiles until it’s too late – and replacement is the only option. As a facilities manager or property manager, you want to get the most out of your carpet and textile for the long haul. That means making sure it lasts for years to come through regular maintenance and care. A high-quality carpet and textile cleaning partner can help make sure you get that extra life out of your property.

There are a few key ways you can choose the best partner for your property. As you do research, ask yourself the following questions:

Does the company have ample expertise?

Longevity and expertise go hand-in-hand when it comes to the Square Care team – our company has been in the business for more than 30 years! That longevity, coupled with high-quality services, trained and motivated team members, and a proven focus on safety makes us experts in our field. Over the last three decades, we’ve been proud to exceed client expectations by offering low-moisture carpet and textile cleaning services that don’t interrupt your operations.

Do the employees have background checks?

The people who are entering your building to provide carpet and textile services are just as important (if not more important!) than the services provided. And, Square Care is all about the people. We ensure top-of-the-line security checks through pre-hire Sterling background checks, annual CrimShield background checks, and annual Motor Vehicle Reports. If our employees are traveling, we take the extra step to get them TSA checked, too. Only full-time employees are hired to be a part of our team and their ID badges are always visible – keeping your mind at ease while you receive unrivaled carpet and textile cleaning services. 

What certifications do they have?

Of course, it’s great when real-life clients have good things to say about your potential carpet and textile cleaning partners. But, it’s even better when they have the certifications to back up those top-quality services. Take a look at the certifications obtained by the Square Care team, like CPR and AED, Red Cross, and Scissor Lift, that help ensure your commercial property gets the certified treatment.

Are there any value-added services?

Every carpet and textile cleaning company will be able to clean your carpet in some way. But, what else can they do for you? Learn what sets your potential partner apart from the competition by learning about the technology they use, the sustainable solutions they offer, and any other extras that can make a huge difference. Square Care uses the latest technology in carpet cleaning as well as green product solutions. The cutting-edge technology and cleaning agents we use can keep your carpets looking good for 15 to 18 years, instead of the industry standard of 7 to 9 years.

Choose Square Care to be Your Carpet and Textile Cleaning Partner

At Square Care, we pride ourselves on our people and our solutions. From the moment you call to set up your first appointment until the job is done at your property, we’re here to provide quality carpet and textile services to you that meet your exact needs. Contact us today for more information about our excellent services from our highly-trained cleaners.



Early Adopter Training to Meet Your Needs

We always talk about how important our people are to our business. They’re what has helped keep us in business for 30 years. It’s also the reason we’re able to provide such high quality, safe carpet and textile cleaning and data center cleaning services to our clients. In order to protect our people, we were early adopters to offer complimentary COVID-19 safety training for both our employees as well as a session for our clients. This training was in addition to the long list of training and certifications our team members already hold, as well as help assist our clients with planning needs for 2020 and 2021.

Introduction to Infection Control Specific to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Our team and clients sat down with Derrick A. Denis, a well-known industry expert in indoor environmental quality and industrial hygiene. Knowing the vital role of carpet, textile and surface cleaning, it was important to offer training on how best we could help remediate COVID-19 in the properties we serve. We learned important ideology that has stuck with us since our training:

Infection prevention requires everyone’s attention.

As vaccines roll out across the country, we’re more hopeful than ever for the future of the US. But, our business has evolved definitively to include a responsibility to provide a safe environment for our employees, our clients and anyone who enters the properties we service.

Everyone is involved in COVID-19 prevention – this is a team effort we’re proud to have specialized training in.

Congratulations Austin Pennington – 2020 Employee of the Year

Join us in congratulating our 2020 Employee of the Year, Austin Pennington!

Austin has been with Square Care for just over two years. Within that short amount of time, he has been eager to learn each service that we offer and has learned them to the fullest. He is the type of employee that any company would be thrilled to have on the team. He’s always in a good mood, always willing to step up to the plate and always willing to do whatever is needed to help out. Side note: help us in also congratulating Austin for becoming a father last month to his first child!

Thanks for all that you do, Austin!

Congratulations Mike Vezina – December 2020 Employee of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our December Employee of the Month!

Mike Vezina has been with Square Care since 1993. With 27 years of service with our company, he is no doubt our senior technician with time and knowledge.

Mike has been a huge part of our company in many ways. From training to traveling to being our top problem solver in the field, Mike always goes the extra mile for the company and has dedicated his personal time to help his coworkers on many occasions. Mike is so good at his job, we often joke that his parents bought him carpet cleaning equipment to play with as a kid!


Riding the Spirit of the Season – Jorge’s Bikes Give Back

Jorge Fernandez BikesJorge Fernandez has been a part of our Square Care team for 17 years. Five years ago, we learned something very cool about Jorge that we didn’t know: he was collecting old bicycle parts and, alongside his two young children (“teaching them a little bit about hard work and helping others”), he sanded the bike frames, painted them and completely fixed up the bikes to make them beautiful again.

Jorge would invest his own money to repair and complete each bike, buying new tires, chains, handlebar grips and more. Some of his bikes might be made from five different bicycles and their parts, but the end result is a like-new bicycle in tip-top shape. Each year Jorge repairs these bikes so that they can be donated to underprivileged children for the holidays, up 85 bikes or more a year. When the Square Care team learned of Jorge’s bikes we were proud to help contribute funds for some of the repairs, but the bikes continue to be a labor of love for Jorge.

Every year around Christmas, Jorge and his family load the bikes into his truck and trailer and deliver the bikes to the kids in need. When you see an 8-year-old walk up to his trailer with a ripped t-shirt and no shoes, then ride away on a new bike with an ear-to-ear grin… It brings a tear of joy to our eyes and a smile to our hearts.

In our opinion, the world needs more people who make our communities a better place, more people like Jorge Fernandez.

Congratulations Raul Escalante – November Employee of the Month

Raul Escalante Square Care 800x800Please join us in congratulating our November Employee of the Month – Raul Escalante!

Raul has been with Square Care for more than six years. In that time, Raul has earned Employee of the Month numerous times and has even been recognized as a past Employee of the Year. Raul is the type of employee who can perform every task given to him and always has a great attitude. He is extremely liked and valued by everyone at Square Care!

Congratulations, Raul! Keep up the outstanding work!

Bi-Annual CPR & AED Training

AED CPR Training_400x400

Square Care takes safety seriously – that’s why all of our team members renew their CPR/AED training every other year! In December, the Square Care team gathered for the bi-annual safety training.

Ongoing training and certification at Square Care ensures that our employees remain up-to-date on the latest tech. Plus, it plays a crucial role in our company safety – that’s why we’ve only had two on-site injuries since founding in 1990. 30 years of excellence, 30 years of safety – that’s the Square Care way!

Congratulations Nick Bodin – October Employee of the Month

Nick BodinPlease join us in congratulating our October Employee of the Month – Nick Bodin!

Nick has been with Square Care for more than 10 years. He has moved several times to start up new markets as well as run out-of-state jobs for months on end. Nick is a great asset to have on our team: he never says no to any challenge and his cross-functional knowledge and experience in carpet and data make him a valuable asset on both sides of the cleaning industry for Square Care.

Nick is the kind of employee we love to have on the team. Our clients continually email or call us to give us compliments about him!

Congratulations, Nick!

The Evolution of Square Care: Quality Since 1990

If you haven’t heard: Square Care is celebrating 30 years! What’s the secret to our longevity? Our amazing team! Most of the Square Care team has been with the company for 10-20 years or more. And as Arizona’s choice for professional carpet, textile and data center cleaning, our longstanding team has taken the time to become one of the most professional surface care companies in the Southwest. Our secret sauce isn’t so secret anymore: we owe our unmatched quality to the Square Care team.

“The reason our clients hire Square Care is because of the way we treat our people, and for the outstanding safety record our company holds.” -Square Care VP Jay Natale

The Square Care team is known for offering top-of-the-line carpet and textile cleaning as well as data center services. But, our people are the main reason we’re able to provide such amazing services with you – our clients – in mind. Investing in our people allows us to build long-term client relationships and continually provide unparalleled services across the Southwest.

Temps are never contracted with Square Care – we only offer the best-of-the-best employees with full-time opportunities. Plus, all employees must first pass a 10-year Sterling Backcheck background check, then undergo a Crimshield background check every year after. Our employees are also drug tested twice each year, and we are proud to say: Square Care has never had a drug test failure. Once an employee is part of the Square Care team, we provide access to training and certifications that are unsurpassed in the industry. From defensive driving courses to bi-weekly safety classes, OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 certifications, and more, the Square Care team is trained from day one to lay a foundation built for success.

This ongoing training and certification strategy ensures our employees stay up-to-date on new technology, and plays an integral role in overall company safety. Since the start of our business in 1990, we’ve only had two on-site injuries. That’s nearly 11,000 accident-free days, providing you with the best service in the industry.

Our team prides themselves on their professionalism. They show up to every job on time, in uniform, and with the best tools of the trade. All of our technicians and managers are specially trained and certified by the IICRC in carpet cleaning and maintenance so we can offer superior cleaning services for your projects and data centers. With a safety rating 70% lower than everyone in the industry, you can rest assured knowing that your business is in the hands of team members who take their job seriously. Your property is in good hands when you choose the Square Care team.

Our mission is to consistently provide the highest QUALITY of service to our clients… Accomplished by a highly trained and motivated TEAM… With a proven focus on SAFETY

Square Care: Taking Pride in What We Do Since 1990

Every member of the Square Care team is meticulous, responsive, and accountable, taking pride in maintaining your professional business environment. It’s why we have retained clients for 30 years! A client of Square Care never has to worry about the work we do. Are you ready to experience excellent service from highly-trained cleaners? Contact us today!