Early Adopter Training to Meet Your Needs

We always talk about how important our people are to our business. They’re what has helped keep us in business for 30 years. It’s also the reason we’re able to provide such high quality, safe carpet and textile cleaning and data center cleaning services to our clients. In order to protect our people, we were early adopters to offer complimentary COVID-19 safety training for both our employees as well as a session for our clients. This training was in addition to the long list of training and certifications our team members already hold, as well as help assist our clients with planning needs for 2020 and 2021.

Introduction to Infection Control Specific to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

Our team and clients sat down with Derrick A. Denis, a well-known industry expert in indoor environmental quality and industrial hygiene. Knowing the vital role of carpet, textile and surface cleaning, it was important to offer training on how best we could help remediate COVID-19 in the properties we serve. We learned important ideology that has stuck with us since our training:

Infection prevention requires everyone’s attention.

As vaccines roll out across the country, we’re more hopeful than ever for the future of the US. But, our business has evolved definitively to include a responsibility to provide a safe environment for our employees, our clients and anyone who enters the properties we service.

Everyone is involved in COVID-19 prevention – this is a team effort we’re proud to have specialized training in.

Bi-Annual CPR & AED Training

AED CPR Training_400x400

Square Care takes safety seriously – that’s why all of our team members renew their CPR/AED training every other year! In December, the Square Care team gathered for the bi-annual safety training.

Ongoing training and certification at Square Care ensures that our employees remain up-to-date on the latest tech. Plus, it plays a crucial role in our company safety – that’s why we’ve only had two on-site injuries since founding in 1990. 30 years of excellence, 30 years of safety – that’s the Square Care way!