Riding the Spirit of the Season – Jorge’s Bikes Give Back

Jorge Fernandez BikesJorge Fernandez has been a part of our Square Care team for 17 years. Five years ago, we learned something very cool about Jorge that we didn’t know: he was collecting old bicycle parts and, alongside his two young children (“teaching them a little bit about hard work and helping others”), he sanded the bike frames, painted them and completely fixed up the bikes to make them beautiful again.

Jorge would invest his own money to repair and complete each bike, buying new tires, chains, handlebar grips and more. Some of his bikes might be made from five different bicycles and their parts, but the end result is a like-new bicycle in tip-top shape. Each year Jorge repairs these bikes so that they can be donated to underprivileged children for the holidays, up 85 bikes or more a year. When the Square Care team learned of Jorge’s bikes we were proud to help contribute funds for some of the repairs, but the bikes continue to be a labor of love for Jorge.

Every year around Christmas, Jorge and his family load the bikes into his truck and trailer and deliver the bikes to the kids in need. When you see an 8-year-old walk up to his trailer with a ripped t-shirt and no shoes, then ride away on a new bike with an ear-to-ear grin… It brings a tear of joy to our eyes and a smile to our hearts.

In our opinion, the world needs more people who make our communities a better place, more people like Jorge Fernandez.