Our Equipment

Square Care implements the most sustainable cleaning solutions, equipment, and processes to meet green standards. Well maintained data centers, flooring, meet warranty requirements, reduce risk of failure, reduce turnover and capital investment, have higher reuse and resale rates, and maintain a higher residual value.

Square Care is one of the most professional surface care companies available. Our team shows up on time, in uniform, and with the best tools of the trade. We are responsive and accountable, taking pride in maintaining your professional business environment. It’s why we have retained clients for over 28 years. Clients never have to worry about Square Care.

Using the latest technology in carpet cleaning equipment and GREEN product solutions. Keeping your warranties in place by cleaning to the manufactures specifications. New vacuum bags are installed at the beginning of every shift. We conduct monthly equipment maintenance & vacuum lift test before every shift:

  • Best Filters Available
  • Scheduled Monthly Maintenance
  • Vacuum lift testing performed daily – to ensure Cubic Feet per Minute is working properly
  • Vacuum brushes changed bi-weekly
  • Vacuum bags changed before every shift and throughout the shift
  • Railing platform ladders for safety at 10 feet in air, always 3 touchpoints
  • Headlamps for detailed cleaning – Black Diamond 500 Lumens
  • All equipment and solutions are CRI (carpet & rug institute) certified, green label approved, non VOC

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